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Powerful Presenting – a masterclass with Mo Shapiro

Many people claim to be more afraid of walking into a room full of strangers or speaking in public than they are of dying! How about you?

Do you:·

  • Panic about presenting?
  • Suffer when speaking in public?
  • Mind blank mid sentence?
  • Avoid any speaking invitations?
  • Wish that presentations weren’t part of your job?
  • Need a new presenting perspective?

If any of your answers are “Yes”, they won’t be by the end of this masterclass with Mo Shapiro. Come along, learn to manage your anxiety and look forward to representing your business on many different speaking occasions. We put a great deal of time and energy into preparing the practical aspects of any presentation, meeting or occasion we are attending. Do we put enough time into psychologically preparing ourselves? ‘Powerful Presenting’ helps you consider the ‘as if‘factor and encourages you to fully experience things the way you want them to be, before you get there.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to:

  • Harness your mind to set yourself up for success.
  • Create specific states in yourself and your audience.
  • Curiosity, learning, excitement.
  • Present with increased confidence.
  • Demonstrate greater power and conviction in your voice.
  • Create maximum impact in front of your audience.
  • Action plan for behaviour change and a strategy for maintenance.

Topics Covered:·

  • Ten traps to avoid.
  • Prepare, rehearse and warm up.
  • How to create early rapport with your audience.
  • Maximising your Voice.
  • The power of three
  • Start and finish with impact.

Mo presents to great acclaim and will be sharing tips, techniques and love of presenting in this specially designed masterclass.

Successful Communications with NLP :

Explore the secrets of really effective communication. Discover how to relate to people at all levels and in many ways. Enrich your relationships at work by developing your rapport skill. This training introduces the main themes and ideas that constitute NLP and provides an outline knowledge and understanding of the key concepts accompanied by practical and thought provoking exercises. NLP has its own language and organising systems which are fully explained with practical examples relating to work and personal life. The theories and practice of NLP will help in the discovery of what makes some people excel in all aspects of their lives and help delegates design their own strategy to join them.

The programme

The one day programme is designed to engage delegates and answer three key questions:

i. What is NLP and what is its relevance to my business?

ii. How can I expand my choices and resources?

iii. What can I learn from people that they don’t directly say?

Throughout the programme, delegates will have demonstrations of various techniques and then spend time working together in fine tuning them for themselves.

  • Introductions and expectations.
  • Group rules and confidentiality.
  • What is NLP ?
  • Developing rapport. People buy from people like them.
  • How do your thinking processes affect your self and your behaviour?
  • What are the principles that lead to excellence?
  • Creating well formed outcomes. Understand motivation of self and others.
  • Beliefs. Being able to differentiate between limiting and empowering beliefs at work and personally.
  • Techniques to enhance questioning and information gathering skills.
  • Filter systems. Recognising how you and others process the information you receive
  • Forum and personal action plans.


Shift Your Thinking Workshops© have something for everyone. They offer you tips to train your mind for happiness, prosperity and success. Once you shift the way you think about things in your life, you can make radical and positive changes. You can look at your life from a number of perspectives, feel more confident about your challenging decisions and hear lots of positive feedback from colleagues, friends, and family.

Mo Shapiro shows you how to discover what you really, really want from life. She then goes on to show you how to shift your thinking into another gear so you can reach your goals. “We have a choice in all that we do, despite what we might think,” she says. “By harnessing our imagination and our common sense, we can learn how to choose freedom and fulfilment.” Whether you are hoping to improve your relationships, gain greater job satisfaction or take control of your finances, Mo can help.

“Mo Shapiro gives you the confidence to succeed! Shift Your Thinking is a spring clean for the mind and a power manual for achievers.” David Lawson, Author of ‘How to Develop Your Sixth Sense’.
In these stimulating and highly practical workshops based on Mo’s latest book, ‘Shift Your Thinking Change Your Life’ you will:

  • Recognise the power of your mind
  • Understand how your beliefs affect how you feel and how you behave
  • Discover techniques to increase mental flexibility and set the goals you want to achieve

“My friend took part in your workshop. You really have enabled her to change her life, she is a different person, so much more confident. Since your advice she had a promotion at work, moved beyond her problems and this new-found confidence has filtered into other areas of her life.” Rose Aimee, Health Editor Real Health & Beauty

Tried and tested over twenty years, Mo’s seven point plan gives you the tools to exercise your mind to work with you rather than against you.

S uccess thinking – Reframe the way you think about your business
H appiness – Happy staff are motivated and more productive
I ntelligence – Communicate with understanding and celebrate differences
F lexibility – Flex your mind muscles for emotional fitness
T ranquility – Be still and reflect what is happening in your business
I nspiration – Share values and ideas
T ips and Techniques – Plan the actions you want to take you further

“Our minds are like muscles and the more we exercise them the more flexible they become.

“YOU made the difference and Wow! The energy in the room was buzzing and I know this was in part down to the effort and enthusiasm YOU put into making your session an unforgettable experience.” Kriss Akabusi MBE MA – The Akabusi Company

Other Training :

  • Environmental management training
  • Consensus Building & Facilitation
  • Integrated health, safety & environmental management
  • Personal & career development
  • Meeting Skills
  • Environmental reviews
  • Environmental Policy
  • Counselling at work
  • Assertiveness
  • Marketing & Fundraising
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Building
  • Environmental Interpretation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • ISO 14001 – Lead Auditor, Implementation & Introduction
  • Agenda 21 in Action
  • Stress Management