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Mark Yoxon is an international speaker and trainer with over 25 years experience in environmental management, facilitation and stakeholder dialogue. He will challenge your thinking and show how environmental management makes business sense.

Let inspirational and international speaker Mo Shapiro help you recognise what is possible. By shifting your thinking you will find new ways of responding to old challenges and make new choices that will change your life. You will see yourself and your business in a new light, hear increased praise for the way you work and feel inspired to take on new endeavours. The positive energy you generate will increase your effectiveness one hundred fold.

Mo will turn obstacles into stepping stones on your path to success as she helps you to recognise the power of your mind, understand how your beliefs affect the way you feel and behave, and shows you techniques that will increase your mental flexibility.

Speaking Topics – Mark

Environment – The environmental debate is over. Being green is no longer fashionable or glamorous, it is a fact of business life. Speculative questions like “Will the environment affect my business?” are missing the key point: it’s not a question of “Will?” but “How much?” and “How soon?”

Keynotes include:

Profit from Environmental Management

Talking Rubbish! Waste = Lost Profits

What Makes People Recycle?

Greening Your Organisation

Making ISO14001 & EMAS work for you

Start Talking Now – Dialogue, an antidote to confrontation

Stakeholder dialogue… is a cost effective antidote to the traditional “Decide-Announce-Defend” approach and produces sustainable solutions that work. It is a structured process for informing and making decisions. The process enables concerns to be heard and information to be shared, building relationships which avoid future conflicts. The overall aim is to seek out common ground and reach consensus for progress.


The management bill for one client was over £300,000 pre dialogue and less than £33,000 18 months later.

A packaging company identified savings of £516,000 in a waste minimisation exercise.

Staff suggestions saved one business £340,000 per year through effective environmental management.

Speaking Topics – Mo

Shift Your Thinking – who’s in control of your life?
• Are your thoughts running your life or are you in control of them?
• Our minds are like muscles, more exercise makes them more flexible.
• Find out how to put your brain in gear and get emotionally fit.
• Emotionally fit staff are more productive staff

Are you ‘In the Mood?’ – create your desired emotional state for any occasion
• Find out how to craft that perfect entrance and the perfect state inside yourself.
• Create the right triggers to help you whether you need to be upbeat or chilled out.
• Prepare your mind to enjoy success every time.
• If your mood is right, you can focus better on your customers.

Is your Bottom Line a Pantomime? – an alternative look at communications
• Who are the Ugly Sisters in your organisation and where is Prince Charming?
• Every team is made up of front stage and back stage staff, value them all.
• Make a dramatic impact in your workplace.
• When you understand the differences in team communications you can build on the strengths.


Communications by Design

Metaphorically Speaking

Powerful Presenting