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INFORM Training and Communication has significant expertise in the design and implementation of effective, output driven dialogue and facilitation work. The INFORM partners have over 40 years international experience in facilitation, training and stakeholder dialogue. Clients and participants like the way we manage events. We always meet client needs and deliver on time to agreed budget. INFORM events facilitate change.

Case Study

We were asked by a local authority to bring together groups with different interests and ideas about the use of local byways. Interest groups included ramblers, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and 4×4 drivers. We had four tables with six people round each table and preselected the groups so that each interest group had a representative at each table. We then took them through a series of prepared questions, they collated and collected that answers and then each table discussed their findings with the rest of the group. Of course there were many different ideas about the way byways should be used and by the end of the session people were beginning to realise that although they had different starting points, they had very similar end points. From a tense and suspicious beginning, we reached a conclusion that everyone was happy to buy into and could be reported back to the local authority. We were delighted with the result and more so when one delegate commented “and it was all achieved without bloodshed.” she had come expecting the worst was delighted to find the best outcome.

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