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Below are the kinds of questions I might ask you to consider before coming to a coaching session. Once we have clarity in terms of your goals and needs, we can progress using various techniques which will empower you to achieve your objectives and more.

“Thank you so much for yesterday. The meeting went very well today, I was totally non-confrontational and she left the meeting feeling that her feelings mattered in the company. I am really pleased, and thank you for this, I would have gone in all guns blazing and she probably would have walked out!! A big entry for my success journal!! Thanks Mo”

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Coaching Preparation –

Voice and Presentation Skills





Consider the questions below before we meet on ….

Please email your ideas back to me by ….

1. What do you hope to achieve as a result of our session?

2. How will you know that you have achieved it? What will you see, hear and feel?

3. What do you enjoy least about presenting

4. What do you enjoy most about presenting?

5. What are your key presentation challenges?

6. What’s the best presentation you’ve attended and what made it so?

Thanks Mo